Year Grade Calculator

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This calculator can be used to generated weighted grades for a year consisting of credit based modules (usually totalling 120 for a year).

How does it work?


Grade (%)



How does it work?

First, it sums the total credits provided, and turns the individual credits into percentages of the total credits supplied.

The weighted grades are then summed to generate an overall weighted grade.


We have two modules for a year:

Name Grade Credits
Module A 66% 40
Module B 97% 25

To complete this, we would first work out the sum of the credits provided:

40 + 25 = 65 total credits

We then multiply the credit by 100, and divide by the total credits:

(40 * 100) / 65 = 61.54 weighted credit

we then multiply the grade by the weighted credit, and divide by 100 for the result:

(66 * 61.54) / 100 = 40.62% weighted grade

We'd then complete the same process for the other module

Partially complete years

For incomplete years, input the grades you've achieved so far, and it will calculate the average based on this, ignoring the incomplete portion.

By doing this, you can also play around with predictions for the unachieved grade and see what grade you might end up with.

This also allows you to create a target for the unachieved grade.

If you want to factor in your unachieved grades, input the credits with a grade of zero.


Universities have different classification policies, such as:

While these calculators can't handle these scenarios, they can give you a good idea of where you stand, and what you can do to improve your grades.

You can check the specific policies relating to your course with your university. These are normally available online.